Pelvic Floor Essentials (Book 2)

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This is a 90 page book with over 50 illustrations packed full of information.

Many women suffer with pelvic floor dysfunction such as stress urinary incontinence and prolapse following vaginal deliveries. Others have bladder issues such as an overactive bladder or recurrent urinary tract infections without having had children at all. Following the success of my first book ‘Pelvic Floor Recovery – Physiotherapy for Gynaecological Repair Surgery’, I have written this second book to assist women in learning how to correct any bladder and pelvic floor problems using conservative measures whether having had children or not. This book includes information such as:

· Correct activation of the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles.
· Pelvic floor muscle training programme.
· Good bladder and bowel habits and effective toilet positioning.
· Conservative prolapse management strategies.
· Pelvic floor safe abdominal exercises.
· Relaxation, breath awareness and chronic pain education.
· Sport, sexual function and travel advice.

The book is easy to read and has simple, clear diagrams and illustrations
to demonstrate the anatomy and exercises. It is small enough to sit on your bedside table for regular review and to help your pelvic floor stay in good shape forever.

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